Buy a house in Piemonte. Why?

Comprare Casa In Piemonte

Why buy a house in piemonte?

Are you by chance thinking of buying a house in Piedmont but you are still not convinced enough?

Then continue reading this article to remove any doubt that remains.

Yes, because Piedmont is a real pearl, a precious stone of Italy.

A region rich in history, culture, natural wonders and architectural beauties.

The majesty and charm of Turin, the extraordinary lakes, the truffle of Alba, the wines and food and wine products of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato (Unesco heritage), the numerous museums, the magnificent natural reserves of the Alps and much more.

In fact, even the prestigious and international Lonely Planet guide named the Piedmont Region as the best in the world to visit in 2019.

The only difficulty you will have in buying a house in Piedmont will be having to choose which place is most suitable for you?

Are you more inclined to a dinner on the shores of Lake Maggiore? Or would you prefer to sip a good glass of Barolo while enjoying a magnificent sunset in the rolling hills of the Langhe, Roero or Monferrato? Or you are a lover of cities, nightlife, museums. So, in this case, you can’t help but focus the search for your future home on Turin!

Buy a farmhouse in Piemonte

At this point it is almost done, you just have to choose the type.

In Piedmont there are buildings of excellent beauty. But one of the most sought-after types is certainly the typical and characteristic “Piedmontese Cascinale”. Over the years there have been numerous conservative restoration interventions carried out on these types of properties.

In fact, traveling around Piedmont you can admire many of them now used as B & Bs or Agritourisms, obtained from the conservative restoration of these old buildings typical of the area.

Inside the farmhouse there are stables, silos, barns, granaries, wells, old wood-burning ovens, mills and of course the old houses of Piedmontese peasant families.

These properties generally located in the countryside, in quiet areas, away from the chaos of the city and traffic, can have a rectangular, “L” or “Horseshoe” shape.

Well, at this point you just have to inform yourself about the procedure for a safe purchase in Italy. Then Read here our guide on how to buy a house in Piemonte.

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