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In this article we want to explain how buying a house in Italy has become easier and safer with the new services offert to you by Houses In Piedmont and Chicasa Real Estate.

Relying on a real estate agent in Italy is the best choice.

For example, our agents offer differente services for finding your property.

How to buy a first or second home in Piedmont from abroad with Chicasa and Houses In Piedmont’s services.

One of our agents will start the research comfortably on your home.

It’s much easier, faster and safer.

If you are looking for a house, farmhouse or apartment in Piedmont, in the amazing hills of the Langhe and the Alps mountains.

Just contact us and after a brief interview and we will do the first selection. Once we find the house that fits your requirements, we contact you and send the details..

You will have the exclusive on homes not yet shown to the public. We will send you all the informations including professionally taken photos and videos of the interiors. In addiction we will send you a short video of the surrounding area filmed with a drone.

And, we want you to be sure that the house is perfect before you come to Italy and we can make a videocall directly at the house.

We will provide all the services to make you purchase a unique experience: fun and enjoyable at the same time. We will book everything: flights, taxi, hotel room and even an amazing dinner with a good piedmontese wine.

If the deal is not yet done, we can come to you.

You can buy a house in Italy sitting comfortably on your sofa.

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