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Property Finder in Italy

Many of you may be wondering: “but who is the Property Finder in Italy? What makes this character so interesting? ” and above all “why should I contact him for the purchase of a house?”. With this article I will give you all the answers and I am sure that after reading it, if you have to buy a house, you will surely be intrigued by dealing with this new professional figure.

I say new because in Italy he is still not a widespread figure. The role of the Property Finder was born in the United States in the 90s to respond to the increasingly demanding market demands, especially from wealthy clients. Then over the years this figure has been better defined and consolidated, starting to spread also in Europe.

But who exactly is the Property Finder?

The Property Finder, or Personal Property Finder, or, in Italian, Cacciatore di Immobili, is a professional, licensed real estate agent, who deals with looking for and finding properties on behalf of a buyer.

In short, he is an agent who works full time for you, who goes in search of what you have commissioned him. But not only that: he is also an expert on the local real estate market who will be able to give you a lot of advice and useful information to make your operation better.

Who usually goes to a Property Finder in Italy?

Surely it was born as a high-level professional figure for wealthy men and businessmen. But right now the figure is becoming more and more popular and anyone finally has the opportunity to take advantage of it.

Let’s now take a concrete example to understand how buying a house through a Property Finder works

Anna and Marco both work and have little free time available to devote themselves to finding a home, but they need to buy within a maximum of 6 months as they are about to become parents. They have a well-defined budget and clear ideas on where to buy so they decide to contact a Property Finder whom we will call Simone.

Simone answers their call and immediately sets up a meeting at their home to get to know them and to ask them a lot of questions on which the couple is very prepared. But a small problem already arises.

In fact, Simone immediately pointed out to the students that their requests are not consistent with what the real estate market in that area offers. In fact, as an expert, he knows that with the budget they have estimated it will not be possible to buy that type of property. Something will need to be reviewed and offers them choices: 1) raise the budget 2) also evaluate other neighboring areas 3) evaluate a different type of house.

The couple decides to keep the same type of house they have chosen but also gives the agent the opportunity to explore other neighboring areas.

The Property Finder from this moment therefore begins the search for the house through sellers, making inspections, browsing ads and also contacting real estate agencies with which she obviously collaborates.

Simone selects all the properties that meet Anna and Marco’s requests, collects photographic material and documents that he will submit to him during the second meeting. At this point, Anna and Marco will decide which ones they want to view.

And so on until the couple has found their dream home. Simone will obviously support them also in the phase of the purchase proposal, the compromise and on until the signing of the Notarial Deed.

Do I have any advantages in all of this?

We can safely say yes! We see below how many we will be able to count.

  1. First of all, there is a time saving. And time is money, isn’t it? You will not have to spend hours and hours browsing through ads because you will have who will do it for us.
  2. A good Property Finder in Italy will know and will have to put you immediately in front of the real estate market. He will be able to tell you if the amount you have balanced is sufficient, insufficient or in excess of the type of house you are looking for. Focusing on the final goal right from the start is very important.
  3. You will avoid spreading purchase requests to unprofessional agencies which will then storm you with phone calls to offer you all kinds of properties.
  4. You will have a single contact at your side with whom you will surely establish a relationship of trust without risking falling into the hands of unreliable sellers, scammers, abusive agents or business brokers of various kinds. It will be he time by time with his experience to act as a filter with these people and will guarantee you a safe purchase at all times. Unfortunately in Italy it is easy to fall into some scam or scam especially by browsing online ads.
  5. The Property Finder in Italy will also ask the Sellers for all the documentation necessary to verify the full marketability of the property in accordance with current regulations in order to avoid future problems, it is advisable to do this before paying a deposit.
  6. In this system you have the opportunity to agree and know from the start how much the agent’s mediation will cost you. Yes, because working with a Property Finder in Italyyou will no longer have to bear additional mediation costs. If your agent finds your ideal home through another agency, he will find the economic agreement with this agency himself. It generally works that the other agency will receive mediation from the Seller while you will only pay what was agreed from the beginning with your Property Finder
  7. You will be sure to have an insurance policy to protect you to guarantee the operation and this too is not so obvious in Italy even if you enter a real estate agency. In fact, in Italy very often agencies are opened by a qualified person who, however, subsequently makes use (to earn more money) of unlicensed (abusive) real estate agents. Unfortunately, you can meet these characters in various agencies, who will accompany you in your visits, in your negotiations, will give you information and advice. But all in a completely illegal way. Because? Because most likely you will have to deal with newly graduated kids who have been taught the most superficial basics of work. But they have no experience behind them. They have not attended any courses and passed any qualifying exams. And above all they are agents completely unknown to the Chamber of Commerce which therefore will not be able to carry out the periodic checks on them to which all regular agents are subjected to verify the necessary requisites provided for by the law to be able to carry out this profession.
  8. Another advantage may be that of knowing how to use the work of a Property Finder to do business as well. Or. I have a capital to invest, so I decide to hire a Property Finder who is committed to finding me a good real estate deal that will bring me a certain income.
  9. It is a very useful service if you want to buy a house in an area where you do not reside and where therefore I do not have the opportunity to be present on a daily basis.

How do I contact him?

First you can do an online search in the province, maximum in the region where you want to buy. In my opinion it is essential that the professional operates in an area of ​​knowledge of him.

If we take the Piedmont region as an example, you can visit the site where this service is offered through various agents.

In any case, always remember that before hiring a Property Finder in Italy you must check that he is in possession of his real estate agent license. How can you do this? simple: every real estate agent must always have with him the card issued by the chamber of commerce that we attach here in facsimile. Just as he asks you for documents, you ask him before signing a document.

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