How to buy a house in Italy

how to buy house Italy

In this guide, I’d like to explain you how buying house in Italy. (How to buy a house in Italy)

Buying property in Italy

Considering moving to Italy? It’s easy to imagine why, as this country of wonderful food and wine, historic cities and amazing view. In Italy there is everything you want. The sea, amzing beaches, the mountains, the hills with vineyard…culture and romantic scenery.

Can foreigners buy property in Piedmont?

Yes, they can. There aren’ t any restrictions on who can and can’t buy property in Italy or in Piedmont.
Obviously, you have to respect the Italian law.

How can I find a property in Italy?

Property agencies and agents

For the most part, it’s advised to use an agent when looking for property in Italy. They will help you to avoid the risk of scams. It’s important to ask them the Real Estate License because in Italy there are a lot of illegal Agencies. Most buyers contract an agent or lawyer in their home country, who then works with the Italian real estate agent.

Property websites in Piedmont

What are the steps to buy a property in Italy?

The steps are similar anywhere:

  • Choose a property and make an offer.
  • Ask all the documents about the property and check them
  • Get a preliminary contract. This will need to be drafted, looked over and stamped by an Italian Relator. Sign it.
  • Choose the Notary. Hand over your personal documents. Read the Notary deed and sign the contract.
  • Pay taxes directly to the Notary

If you buy with the RE agency, they will do everything.

What kind of taxes and fees will I need to pay?

In Italy, you have to pay:

  • Registration Tax: 2 ( main house) or 9% (holiday house) on cadastal value (not on house price)
  • Notary fee: 1% to 2.5% on house price.
  • Translator fee – approx €250 to €350 (not necessary with most of RE Agency)
  • Estate agent fee – 3% to 4%, plus 22% VAT, (depending on the services offert, too)
  • Legal fees: 1% to 2%, plus 22% VAT (not necessary with RE Agency)

How can I pay the house?

In Italy, you have to pay your house only with:

– Bank check
– Bank transfer

It’s no possible pay with cash.

How to buy a house in Italy

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