Property Finder in Italy

Property Finder in Italy – The best choice for home buyers

Many of you may be wondering: “but who is the Property Finder in Italy? What makes this character so interesting? " and above all "why should I contact him for the purchase of a house?". With this article I will give you all the answers and I am sure that after reading it, if you have to buy a house, you will surely be intrigued by dealing with this new professional figure. I say new because in Italy...


Chicasa And Houses In Piedmont

In this article we want to explain how buying a house in Italy has become easier and safer with the new services offert to you by Houses In Piedmont and Chicasa Real Estate. Relying on a real estate agent in Italy is the best choice. For example, our agents offer differente services for finding your property. How to buy a first or second home in Piedmont from abroad with Chicasa and Houses In...

Huis Kopen Piemonte

Een huis kopen in Piemonte. Omdat?

Overweegt u een huis te kopen in Piemonte? Overweegt u toevallig een huis in Piemonte te kopen, maar bent u nog niet overtuigd genoeg? Lees dan dit artikel verder om eventuele twijfel weg te nemen. Ja, want Piemonte is een echte parel, een kostbare steen van Italië. Een regio rijk aan geschiedenis, cultuur, natuurwonderen en architectonische schoonheden. De majesteit en charme van Turijn,...

Comprare Casa In Piemonte

Buy a house in Piemonte. Why?

Why buy a house in piemonte? Are you by chance thinking of buying a house in Piedmont but you are still not convinced enough? Then continue reading this article to remove any doubt that remains. Yes, because Piedmont is a real pearl, a precious stone of Italy. A region rich in history, culture, natural wonders and architectural beauties. The majesty and charm of Turin, the extraordinary...

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