Personal Property Finder in Italy

Who is the Personal Property Finder?

The Personal Property finder is a professional, regularly licensed real estate agent, who deals with looking for and finding properties on behalf of a buyer. He is an agent specialized in property search with a good knowledge of the market in the area in which he operates. This means that it can also help to better direct the buyer in focusing the search towards the ideal and really affordable home.

When can I forget to contact a Personal Property Finder?

I can think of contacting a Property Finder:

  • when I have best focused my needs so that I can share them with the agent
  • when I am really motivated to make a purchase
  • when I have little time available for on-site research for work, personal reasons or because I live in another country
  • when I don’t want to waste time with thousands of online ads
  • when I want to save time and money on many trips because the personal property finder will do it for me and will concentrate the visits to the properties in a single day to the only really interesting properties
  • when I don’t want to run the risk of falling into the wrong hands of illegal agents or brokers. It will be my Personal Property Finder who will follow me until the final act and will always and only be my only contact person. We remind you that Houses In Piedmont collaborates only with REGULAR and ENABLED real estate agents according to the regulations in force in Italy.

How does the search for a home through a Personal Property Finder work?

The basic steps of buying a house with the support of a Property Finder will be:

  • First interview at the agent’s office or directly at your home. Or if you are out of the area via videoconference or telephone according to your preferences and availability. This first interview will be used by your agent to ask you all the questions necessary to better understand all your needs. Timing, type, area and budget.
  • The agent will start the search for all the properties on the market by contacting sellers or any other agencies. She will collect documentation, photos of all the properties that could meet your needs.
  • At this point the agent will schedule a second interview where you can view all the fruits of his research and start evaluating which properties could be interesting to view. The agent may also request the support of professionals to better evaluate any renovation costs or to study together variations and solutions of the living spaces.
  • It will be the agent’s concern at this point to organize, always according to your availability, the various inspections to view the properties.
  • Once the ideal house has been identified, the agent will first of all ask for all the necessary documentation (documents of origin, control of cadastral and urban planning compliance, mortgage control, etc.) in order to have you sign a purchase proposal in maximum safety.
  • The Property Finder will be by your side from here on also for the drafting of a compromise and providing you with assistance up to the notarial deed.

What are the advantages of using a Personal Property Finder?

The advantages of contacting a Property Finder are really many:

  • first of all that of having at your side a regularly qualified professional reference who will do all the various checks for me both on people and on properties. There is therefore no risk of being faced with requests for compensation from unauthorized abusers or business brokers. The
  • Property Finder will always ask for all the various documents and titles.
    The Property Finder will request from the Seller all the necessary documentation to which you are entitled to guarantee you a safe purchase in compliance with the regulations in force. Unfortunately, many are not aware that the Seller is responsible for declaring in a public deed but this does not mean that the property you are buying is necessarily in order from an urban and cadastral point of view. The notary will not go to personally check the property, also because he is not a qualified technician in that type of matter. The Notary will simply transcribe the declarations of the Parties. The same goes for real estate agents. So it is good to prevent future disputes by asking the seller for the right documentation.
  • Another advantage of the Property Finder is that of savings. Saving you time and money. In fact, by turning to a Property Finder we will avoid spending hours and hours between online advertisements. We will avoid leaving requests and personal data to Agencies who will then contact us daily to offer us any type of property that even remotely comes close to when we need it. We will avoid making useless kilometers to see houses that are not consistent with what we need.
  • Your Property Finder will guarantee you from the beginning that there will be no financial requests from other agencies. You will only pay what was initially agreed to your Property Finder and nothing more. It will be he himself to request a collaboration with the other agency which, if he agrees to collaborate, will be compensated by his client, or the Seller. If, on the other hand, the Property Finder finds himself in front of economic requests from unauthorized unauthorized agents or brokers, he will immediately report it as required by law.
  • You can also choose to hire a Property Finder to assist you in a particularly delicate negotiation to be sure not to make mistakes and to have protection. Always remember that a Qualified Agent in addition to experience also has an insurance policy by law to protect against any professional errors. So it is also a very wise choice to be assisted by a Property Finder in a private negotiation. Or if you decide to buy a house at auction through the court.

How and where do I find my Personal Property Finder?

Houses In Piedmont offers you several real estate agents to choose from. You can arrange an interview with them without obligation simply by filling out this FORM below.

Always beware of abusive agents!

Houses In Piedmont has always supported the fight against illegal activity in the real estate brokerage sector. Unfortunately it is a big problem that is rarely talked about and about which there is no information. The only way is to find out independently with the kennels available online.

Why we need to fight illegalism in the real estate brokerage sector:

  1.  because the abusers do not have the qualifications required by law. They did not take the course and passed the qualification exam.
  2. they do not have an insurance policy to guarantee the customer in the event of damage.
  3. because they damage the image of honest and regular real estate agents who, with sacrifice, try to carry on their business by supporting costs and commitments required by law.
  4. because behind the illegal activity there is very often an exploitation of underpaid young boys forced to weary rhythms and schedules by their owners.
  5. because the abuse of profession is a criminal offense. Carrying out a profession for which you do not have the title, whatever it is, is a crime and must be condemned. Among other things, the house is an asset of considerable importance and to support a safe sale with all the regulations in force is not easy and if you are not supported by a professional you can run into many legal problems today.

So it is good to know that every real estate agent must always have the card issued by the chamber of commerce with them, which you can see in facsimile below. Otherwise, immediately report the abuse to the Police.

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