Below you will find the answers you are looking for. Selling a house is a very important step.

You will have to take into consideration many aspects including, starting with a correct evaluation, finding the right real estate agent, making a careful and preventive preparation of the necessary documentation that certifies the full marketability of the property according to the regulations in force.

Before putting your property on the market it is very important to rely on an expert real estate agent who knows the local real estate market who is able to give you a fair evaluation of the property. Before choosing an Agent to rely on, always remember to ask him to show you his Identification Card to verify that he is a Regularly Enabled Real Estate Agent (all the info can be found here).

Various studies show that an incorrect assessment of the sale price can cause serious economic losses, both in the case of a price that is too low but also in the case of a price that is too high.

Sometimes the same owners voluntarily decide to publish ads for sale at a much higher price, ignoring the danger that the house, however, unsold for some time, would automatically lose value. This will create a stalemate, months will pass and sometimes years and customers will start wondering why that house is not selling, suspecting that there may be problems and that if no one has wanted it in all this time it is most likely not one. good home.

At this point the owner, if he really wants to sell, will be forced to lower the price, but most likely risking to realize much less than he could have achieved with a correct initial valuation.

After carrying out the inspection, our agents will be able to advise you on how to apply the right sales strategies. Sometimes the right advice or the right observation can significantly change what the impact of the property on the market could be.

A good presentation of the property with a correct advertising phase are essential. And this is why our group uses professional equipment to create photo and video material and to study the right advertising campaign ad hoc.

All the agents of Houses in Piedmont are also present in the area with specific offices, Alba, Dogliani, Borgo San Dalmazzo (Cuneo), where all potential customers can comfortably go to be able to look for their home to buy.

Today, when you decide to sign a preliminary sale agreement and a notarial deed, it is very important to be aware of the responsibilities that you are assuming by placing this signature.

The legislation provides for a series of responsibilities, including criminal ones, which primarily relate to the town planning and cadastral compliance of the properties that are being sold.

The real estate agent has no obligation, nor the title, to guarantee such compliance but has the duty to make the Owner aware of the regulations in force on the matter and of the risks that are run by declaring the false in a public document. In fact, even the Notary does not carry out any task of checking the town planning regularity of the properties but this is declared under the criminal responsibility of the Seller and the notary merely certifies this declaration.

Our agents will prepare you from the first appointment on how to proceed by carrying out ALL the right steps necessary to be able to sell your home in maximum safety and in compliance with all the various regulations.

Find the most convenient agent for you and know the real estate market where your property is located. Contact him immediately from here.

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